Please take a look at some of my published work listed below.

I have additional experience creating content for companies to include patient material, education, case studies, standards of practice updates, and more that remain private to the company.

Please contact me to discuss the details of your project and your unique business needs to create amazing content together.

What My Clients Say

Carrie McBride

Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Director

"It was wonderful having someone with her expertise write these blogs, as the content was very technical. Both pieces were well-written and incredibly informative. Colleen was also easy to work with, maintaining good communication throughout the process. I enjoyed working with her and she has my full recommendation. Thank you Colleen for your contributions to the ALZWA Blog!"

Sarah Abigail Misha

EdTech Writer & Editor | Project Leader

"Colleen has been an incredible asset to BloomBoard's healthcare content. She served as a writer and primary subject matter expert for our CNA curriculum, exceeding expectations in all aspects. We could not have completed this project without Colleen. We will definitely request her help for the next healthcare project."

Mary Knowles Tindall

Founder of Calliope Communications

"She consistently impressed me with her writing skill, clinical expertise, work ethic and strategic approach to her work. She quickly grasps complicated topics, asks the right questions, communicates well and expertly addresses editing feedback. It's a joy to work with Colleen. I highly recommend her to any marketing leaders who need a talented freelance writer on their team."

Nelli Zavalnyuk

Medical Student

"The collaborative process was seamless and professional. I am truly grateful and highly recommend her services as she has a remarkable talent for writing and storytelling."

Renee Minch

Senior Project Manager

"I am pleased to recommend Colleen as a freelance Nurse Writer. She is an expert in updating medical and compliance content and her experience translates into her writing and ability to research. She is detailed, easy to adapt to writing standards and templates, and provides timely delivery without compromising quality. I appreciate her contributions to the projects assigned and she would be a value add to any team!"